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Our goal is to provide a design that brings out a spaces full potential

At LAB we promise to deliver a one-of-a-kind space that looks and sounds like a million dollars. Recording Studios, Content Houses, or Event Venues, our team has the versatility to tailor any need, and tackle any space. We offer an innovative approach and unique vision to design.

"One client, One team"

We assign a team to each client, thus ensuring rapid delivery, excellent customer service, and round-the-clock service.

"15 years of experience"

Building creative spaces around the globe has given us the experience to tackle any build, no matter how complex.

“Innovation through design”

Learn more about our visionary approach to audiovisual spaces.

“Worldwide service”

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An industry ripe for change

Traditionally acoustic design has focused on optimizing the sound quality of a room, but this is no longer sufficient. Content creation platforms have revolutionized the entertainment industry. Therefore, having a video component to any creative space has become indispensable, and we firmly believe that. At LAB Acoustics we want to be part of this revolution; this is why we offer audiovisual design, a new design approach for an industry whose needs evolve rapidly.


Your vision is our priority

How a space performs is as important as how it feels. First and foremost, recording music, streaming, or performing live is a creative endeavor. That is why our mission is to build a space that inspires you.

Humberto Abello


We measure a room's frequency response and provide an acoustic solution while keeping true to the clients' vision.

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